> Low-pressure casting manufacturing technology

    Low-pressure casting manufacturing technology is to put dry compressed air into casting ladle, then metal liquid rises along lift tube under the action of gas pressure, and flows into casting mold smoothly through casting mold pour gate. Keeping the gas pressure on the metal liquid until the casting curdles completely, then relieving the pressure on the liquid, the rest of the aluminum liquid will return to the casting ladle, the curdled liquid forms the required casting in the mold.

> Flow-forming manufacturing technology

Our corporation’s flow-forming aluminum alloy wheel has the follow advantages:

1、Light weight

    The flow-forming aluminum alloy wheel is 10% lighter than the low-pressure aluminum alloy wheel with the same design load.

2、High cost performance

    The high strength is closed to the rim of forging wheel, but the price is much lower.

3、 High bearing capacity

    Compare the mechanical property of the rim of flow-forming aluminum alloy wheel and low-pressure casting aluminum alloy wheel, the yield strength of the former is about 12% higher, the strength of extension is about 15% higher, the hardness is about 8% higher, which greatly improve the carrying capacity of the wheel.

4、High security

    After the spinning of the rim, flow-forming aluminum alloy wheel solves the problems of shrinkage and gas hole existing in the rim of low-pressure wheels, avoids air leaking when using wheels.

> Forging spinning manufacturing technology

    Forging spinning production technology adopts “three times forging, one time spinning” technology, compressed with high pressure by 6,000 tons hydraulic press, the alloy particles is very small, molecular arrangement is dense,  The grains tend to be elongated, squashed and slenderized along the direction of deformation in order to make sure the higher strength of forging aluminum alloy wheel.

Our forging aluminum alloy wheel has the advantages as follows:

1、Light weight, good controllability
    The forging aluminum alloy wheels are 20-50% lighter than casting aluminum wheel under the same design load. The steering wheel control is easier and very stable when driving in high speed when forging aluminum alloy wheels are installed; at the same time, it starts fast, brakes light, has good braking effect which improves the driving comfort.

2、Save fuel oil
    Because of weight dropping of the whole car and the reduction of wheel moving quantity after installing the forging aluminum alloy wheels, the acceleration performance of the car improves and the requirement of braking energy is reduced, the fuel consumption decreases.

3、 High bearing capacity
    The strength of extension of forging aluminum alloy wheel is about 30% higher than the casting wheels, the yield strength is about 40% higher, the ductility is two times higher and even more. What’s more, the entirety mechanical property of casting wheel is well-distributed, the whole strength and impact resistance capability are higher. Compare wheels of the same weight, the bear loading capacity of forging wheels is 30-50% higher than the casting wheels.

4、High roundness, good balance
    Forging aluminum alloy wheel of which roundness is good is made by digital controlled lathe after die forging; the forging aluminum alloy wheel has homogeneous structure with smaller unbalance and good revolve balance property, it can help to eliminate steering wheel flutter making the car more smoothly and comfortable when it drive.

5、Beautiful molded
    The appearance forging aluminum alloy wheel is designed with high liberty. The good surface color and gloss effect can satisfy individuation requirement, improve sense of beauty of the car appearance.

>The development and application of magnesium alloy wheel forging technology

Our corporation has the follow advantages in the forging magnesium alloy wheel development and production.

    1.Developing and applying new material, mixing a certain proportion of a rare earth element to    improve the plasticity of magnesium alloy, good for forging molding.
    2.Researching and developing magnesium alloy isothermal forging technology to make sure forging in special temperature; also, using two sets of forging mold, one for performing, another for finish forming; then using extrusion die to make the rim precisely shaped.
    3.Have a light weight effect of 35% lighter than low-pressure casting aluminum alloy wheel.

> Low pressure casting full water cooling process of  Aluminum alloy wheel

    Low-pressure casting full water cooling technology uses homothermal water as cooling medium instead of previous compressed air, the water flows in the passageway of the top form, side form, bottom form of the casting mould. The cooling intensity of water is high and efficient, increasing the mechanical property of the wheel effectively as well as production efficiency. Low-pressure casting full water cooling technology is technological base of wheel lightweight.

> Pretreatment technology of painting line

    We adopt advanced anti-scaling, precipitate free pretreatment process, it can maintain the quality of passive film on wheel surface long, increase and stabilize the corrosion resistant capacity of paint film and improve the paint film capacity of bearing CASS and salt spray.

    Characteristic of the technology:

    1.Adopting degreasing medicament that contains phosphate, which has certain phosphorization to the wheel, also can improve corrosion resistance on the wheels’ edge.

    2.Surface conditioning and passivating are finished during pickling, which can prevent more oxidation after the surface conditioning, protect the effect the passive film forms, improve the consistency of corrosion resistance. Moreover, transition metals element is adopted, it help form a compact passive layer with sol-gel method.

    3.Importing with target organic matter in transition metal inorganic matter system to improve physical property (film thickness, tenacity, etc) of the inorganic membrane and the solve the problem of film building discrete of single inorganic matter system.


> New manufacturing technology for aluminum alloy wheels of high strength, light weight and short procedure

Characteristic of the technology:

    1、Compared with traditional flow-forming aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing technology, it erases the repeat positioning deviation brought by the process of pour gate cutting and premachining. At the same time, it saves energy, improves working efficiency and decreases production cost, reduces the production phase of products.

    2、Adopting the technology of warm beam furnace, this technology decreases energy losing when wheels are moving by reducing the distance between casting machine and heat treatment furnace, and cuts down energy requirement of heat treatment process.